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A study by Rareform New Media revealed that 94% of visitors judge a website negatively based simply on design factors. This shocking figure is corroborated by an earlier research conducted at Stanford University, where 75% of respondents stated that design can negatively influence the credibility of websites. In another revealing study by Econsultany, websites that take longer than three seconds to load suffers up to 40% bounce rate.

At Abc-Canada.Org, we take great pride in our ability to create functional, fast and search engine optimised designs that will elevate your online presence while increasing conversion rates. Our proven website design process is centred on creating an effective information architecture platform which focuses on user experience.

The process begins at the most basic level - the code. Our engineers, adept at all major coding languages such as HTML5/CSS, Python, Ruby, C++, JavaScript and many others, create robust and lightweight tailor-made solutions based specifically on the general requirements of individual customers.

Our development process also takes into account mobile accessibility. With 21 percent of traffic to e-commerce sites originating from mobile devices, this is a must-have feature for every business website. Our coding superstars are exceptionally proficient at integrating mobile responsive designs that will ensure complete uniformity in looks and functionality across all types of devices, ranging from conventional desktops to smartphones.

The next element in our web design process is user experience. The perfect blend of colours, images, typography and navigation is an art that takes years to master, and a moment to mess up. Experience and an innate understanding of the buying psychology comes into play here – two things that our crack team of designers are known for.

Our results-driven approach extends to every facet of the development, including content. Unlike most marketing agencies, we rarely outsource content development because we understand the crucial role it plays. Website content must not only be concise and informative, it has to fit into a long-term strategy. However, when required, we will occasionally engage the talents of established copywriters to prepare sales-focused contents with powerful call-to-actions.

Website Design and Development