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In statistics, variate is principally a random variable within a particular set of parameters. As the name implies, multivariate (MV) testing for websites is a series of tests between random elements on a live webpage. A/B (or split) testing, meanwhile, is a comparative test involving two (or more) equal-sized samples of visitors on two (or more) different landing pages. Both tests are designed to ultimately reduce bounce rate, increase engagement, and perhaps most importantly, improve conversion rates. MV and A/B testing is used extensively by all major e-commerce sites to improve their bottom lines.

At Abc-Canada.Org, we provide a wide range of MV and A/B tests to help businesses gain insights to the minds of visitors to their websites. These tests can help determine the type of colour scheme, navigational structure, content and images that can collectively and indirectly increase conversion rates – for purchases, subscriptions and email opt-ins. MV and A/B tests can also help determine optimal ad and product placements.

These tests can be tailored to specific geographic regions and time blocks, and different versions of your website can served to visitors. Data are continuously collected and aggregated using various analytics tools, and the results are then summarised in a user friendly format to allow for a more collaborative decision making process at your company.

Owing to the nature of the tests, they can only be conducted on mature websites with a substantial and stable flow of visitors as the accuracy of the results correlates directly to sample sizes.

The tests are not one-offs, and typically run for an extended period of time on multiple occasions. However, once you hit the sweet spot, you can replicate the conditions of the successful test as many times as you want on your website. You could even implement your personal proven conversion optimisation rate process on your other websites (with some inevitable tweaks, obviously).

Abc-Canada.Org - MV and A/B Testing