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It is no exaggeration to say that keywords will set the tone for your entire online campaign. Your search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing and even social media strategy will be developed based on them. Keywords are effectively hidden baits in contents, headlines, hashtags and advertisements, and they draw the attention of search engine crawlers and humans alike.

Detailed research and latent semantic analysis of prospective keywords will not only unearth new and accurate, niche-specific keywords, but will also provide an overview of major competitors and projected marketing costs. As a bonus, a set of keywords will draw a clearer picture of your target demographic.

Once draft keywords relevant to any particular products or brands have been selected, we will then be able to determine the precise density level, weightage and anchor links required to influence the vector space model of search engines.

However, mining and aggregating these data require experienced hands and multiple analytics tools. Rooting out negative keywords is also necessary, as you want to focus on revenue-generating traffic. The creation of a comprehensive keyword hierarchy also ensures an organised distribution of keywords across your web pages – a pitfall that many large and established organisations (and inexperienced SEO professionals) regularly fall prey to.

We also make it a point to tie in keywords with images and videos, as studies have shown that relevant embedded images and videos correlates with improved rankings.

For particularly competitive niches, other variables will be taken into consideration. However, the most powerful ‘baits’ to break into crowded markets are long-tail keywords, which as the term implies, are keywords consisting of a long string of words. For instance, getting ranked for ‘Toronto graduation party cakes’ is significantly easier than ‘Toronto cakes’.

Keywords, in the form of hashtags and trending topics, also play a huge role in the social media. However, it is worth noting that the search terms and levels of engagement between users of search engines and social media differ greatly. The behaviour of users even varies between different social media platforms. Keywords strength and popularity are also more fluid, and can change overnight, especially when heavyweight users enter into trending spheres.

Abc-Canada.Org - Keyword Research