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ABC Canada offer a full spectrum of digital services including Web Development, Pay Per Click, Web Video production, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Web Development, SEO Services and much more in between.

In the pre-internet era, getting products and businesses out to customers is comparatively simple. Marketing channels were limited to printed display ads in newspapers and magazines and media buys on the airwaves, both TV and radio. The more innovative agencies go a step further by organizing roadshows and distributing flyers to homes. More importantly, marketing strategies were generally created for the entire demographic spectrum. A huge waste, yes, but to be fair, there were no existing marketing channels for specific demographics.

However, the marketing landscape has dramatically changed today. While traditional offline marketing still has a role to play, the digital marketing landscape has emerged as significantly more influential, and more importantly, profitable – especially for purely e-commerce businesses.

Customers no longer flip through the Yellow Pages to seek vendors or to find places to eat or shop. Instead, they turn to the mighty, all-knowing behemoths known as Google and Bing, and websites listed near the top of search results will inevitably get the bulk of the business. The younger audience, meanwhile, places higher levels of trust on the recommendations of their peers and celebrities in the social media, and businesses which receives high numbers of Likes, Retweets and Mentions will, unsurprisingly, rise to the top. There is also of course the matter of display and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which, in the wrong and incompetent hands, could drag balance sheets into the red.

This is where Abc-Canada.Org comes in. As an SEO and online marketing agency, working closly with other top tier professional companies such as SEO company Reboot marketing, we make it our business to understand the intricacies of search engine optimisation (SEO), the dynamics of social media and cost-effective advertising solutions. To put it simply, we take guesswork and luck out of the equation, and instead, use hard data to introduce your business, brand or product to your targeted audience at the lowest cost possible.

Regardless of whether you are a brick and mortar shop, a start-up tech firm, a multi million dollar retailer or a newly-launched e-commerce shop, Abc-Canada.Org offers a comprehensive white label SEO and online marketing service to elevate your business over the competition.

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Our Team

Jenny Adams

CEO & Founder


Jenny has a long stretching experience of all things digital media she started her career in the American Broadcasting Company after college, she has over 30 years experience in media management.

Jordan Kieth

Web Developer


Jordan has been creating web products for over 10 years he loves pizza beer and code. You can find him in silver snail comics at the weekend then brunching at a cool spot after that or hockey or mountain biking.

Mike French

SEO Expert


Mike has actually started off his SEO career in Google of all places and he remembers lycos! this guy lives for craft beer and pretzels but he is also a big fan of the blue jays.

Dan Liddle

Graphic Design


Dan loves pushing pixels and does not care if it's in print or web, you can find Dan playing in his band most weekends as a way of relaxing, he loves burgers and wine.